Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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Meat News! Volume 15 - Pies are

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Meat Pies are BACK IN STOCK!!

We are closed until next Monday so the soonest you can have any meat
pies is next Tuesday.

Meat Pies are BACK IN STOCK!!

Mmmmmeat pie

I’m just so giddy that I had to say it twice. We are now the exclusive importer in Japan for the world renowned Vili’s Pies from Australia which means you will never have to go pie-less again. Unless you want the Sausage Roll or Vegetarian You-say-pahsty-I-say-paysty Thingy, we're not going to do those for a while.

If you’ve never had a Vili’s Pie, they are a treat and come in three gourmet flavors:

Beefy Beefy

Beef - Beefy-Beefy richness, a few vegetables for your health, all wrapped up in a crispy pie shell. We checked with our resident sommelier, Charlene (a transvestite who really doesn’t like it when you call him “Chuck” but that’s a different newsletter altogether) to come up with suitable wine pairing and he recommends a six pack of Asahi tall boys.

Chicky Chook

Chicken - If you are Australian you can also call these “chook-pies” but that might be offensive in some areas. Big hunks of chicken in a white gravy. The perfect morning after pie. Chucky recommends Minato Mimosas with the chicken pie - that’s 3 parts Lemon Chu-Hi, 1 part Orange Juice Drink. If your night before the morning after was special, a couple of these warming in your toaster oven can really show a girl that you might remember her name.

chunky beefy mushroomy

Beef and Mushroom – The most top-shelf pie in the line-up. Not only do these have real chunks of savory beef (you can feasibly even stretch the word “steak” a bit to include the key ingredient here) they also have mushrooms in the gravy, real mushrooms, not the plastic ones that all the other pie-makers probably put in their pies, so these are possibly healthy. We reckon that a good meal of this with some salad and maybe some bean curd or something combined with 20 laps in the pool is part of healthy diet that could see you live to be a hundred, maybe more! Charlene agrees which is why he pairs this pie with a nice box of Franzia, the pink one (hint: if you remove the wine bag from the wine box, it's much easier to conceal this in your backpack at work).

We’ve even got a new party box of mini-pies (only beef for now, but the other flavors are coming soon). 16 cocktail pies, which, unlike cocktail olives, don’t do so well when dropped into a martini, but are excellent next to one.wee li'l pies

We will unfortunately be closed until August 17th for the Obon Holiday. Don’t worry, I won’t be having any fun as I’ve been told I do not deserve it and the car needs a cleaning.

Go online, make your order now!

Vilis's Beef Pie

Australian standard beef pie.


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Vili's Chicken Pie

chicken pie.


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Vili's Beef & Mushroom
Beef & Mushroooom

of beef and mushroom.


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Hurry, If you order by
Sunday, August 16th, and write "free nuggets" in your order,

we'll throw in a free pack of

Flavored Beef Jerky Nuggets

Meat Pies and Free Beef Jerky - that's pretty awesome.

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