Monday, August 3, 2009

My hairy wienie

If you’ve got kids they will love this! Even if you don’t have kids but you have some friends who are sort of retarded, they will probably like it to. You need just a couple ingredients – some wienies and some pasta (spaghetti works way better than macaroni).

What you do is thread the spaghetti through the wienie, in this case a hot dog. I learned a couple things in the process of doing this that I might ought to share, it is much easier if A, the pasta is uncooked, and B, the wienies are not frozen. Also, unless you have a really big pasta pot, it is also a good idea to break the spaghetti in half before you begin. Once you’ve got you’re wieners well pricked with pasta they should looks something like this.

Now all you do is drop them into some boiling water and cook until soft. Don’t be surprised if the little bit of pasta that is inside of the sausage is still a bit al dente. For those of you that don’t speak Italian, that means it will be a little crunchy, but this is spaghetti with wienies, nobody will critique your chefing.

You are awesome!

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