Wednesday, October 6, 2010

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Meat News!
Volume 20 - Octo-fest-erific!

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Stock up Now, The Sky is Falling!


And the seas are a rising!

Autumn is in the air, and here in Southern Nagoya it smells a lot like diesel fumes. Still, I know that sometime in the next month, we will have a good solid four or five days of great weather before packing it in until next spring. I think I’ll be barbecuing a turkey.

There are a whole lot of holidays coming up soon that require big meats; turkeys, ducks, hams, roasts, etc. (hint: we sell these things). A lot of you are probably already getting very excited about this so I feel a bit bad about being the bearer of bad news. You see, most likely, this will be the last holiday season ever.

You might have noticed that this past summer was a bit hot and long, but next year’s will be worse. Global warming is here and the end is nigh. On top of that, it looks like China will be invading sometime soon, and the Japanese economic situation continues to be compared to Greece. And I think we all know what happened to Greece, from the photos in the tourist brochures it pretty much looks like there’s not anything left but homo-erotic pottery shards, stone rubble, and some goats.

Within a year we could all be huddled up around the base of Mt. Fuji watching the waters rise. While that on its own is enough to comprise a dire situation, there is one thought that could make it even worse. That is the image of everyone in Japan thinking, in unison, “damn, I wish we’d bought twice as much meat from The Meat Guy last year!” My visions of grandiose are not so inflated that I can claim to help alleviate the first part of next year’s catastrophe, but at least I can help with the second. I urge you, for the sake of dispelling any future regrets, to bulk up your meat orders while there’s still time!



We've got our birds all sorted out just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving, eh? Get yours now or place an order to be delivered later in
the season.

Product ID T006

Size 10-12

4,980 Yen

Tirol Cheese

One of our awesome new cheeses from the Austrian Alps. This is super for fondue, or just for adding a bit of stink in your life.


Size about
450 gm

1,485 Yen

Pie Set

Dooms Day Bargain!! 13% OFF a pack of three meat pies. Offer ends October 10th.

Product ID PI008

Size 3


Awesome T-Shirt Give Away!
Order 10 Strip or 10 Ribeye Steaks and get a free T-Shirt!
Can be worn wet or dry!
Write: "Free T-shirt" in the comments section when you checkout.
Limit 1 per order. Offer ends 10/10/10
10 Striploin Steaks - Free Shipping!
330 grams each, thick and meaty!
9,980 Yen

10 Ribeye Steaks - Free Shipping!
300 grams each, juicy and tasty! (and meaty)
9,980 Yen

1Yen Cheese! or Maybe 1 Yen Pizza! Over the last couple of months we've been getting in samples of various cheeses, we've also had our pizza supplier mess up a couple of times and send us the wrong kind of pizza. If you'd like to get your hands on some of this for a penny it's yours. You can't choose which one you'll get, it will all depend on what happens to be closest to your meat box. You won't be able to find this on the site, the only way to order is through the link below. Limit one per customer (we will think you're cheeky if you
try and order more than one). Offer ends Sunday, October 10th, 7:43PM (we expect you to purchase something else in addition to this 1 yen surprise)



By the way, MB PRINTS makes all of our t-shirts. Great service in English, inexpensive,
fast. They rock! Literally, Mike, the owner, is a drummer in a rock-n-roll band!

If for some reason, next year does not turn out to be a global catastrophe, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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